Friday, 27 July 2012

Panviman Hacked

I hate hackers. Plenty of times my sites have been pried open by somebody with a bizarre axe to grind who leave an arrogant index.html to smother my content and drive away traffic. The worse ones are those that take over your back room. It is hard to get hold of your site again. 

Perhaps the most cunning hackers are those who infiltrate a site and subtly add their spammy links but leave a site ostensibly the same. This is what has happened to the Panviman site. Have a look at the screen save above. The Panviman title is now 'Viagra Prices Pfizer, Viagra Over Cannabis ++ Cheap Generic ...'

The information for one of the sub-listings is 'Lisinopril generic aceon Do ingredients you female like girls paris? need asked when ..'

Panviman may have 5 star accommodation and a great reputation but their eye is clearly not on the virtual ball. If they employed me I could alert them to this, but they don't and so I won't. Perhaps they'll eventually wonder why they are getting emails about 'Cannabis' and 'girls paris'. Until they address the problem us impartial observers can enjoy the joke while it lasts.