Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunrise Villa in Thong Nai Pan Noi

Prices for Thong Nai Pan Noi Accommodation

The prices for accommodation in Thong Nai Pan Noi are getting very high. This is stopping many people who want to come and experience the beauty of the beach and the surrounding area from visiting. The cheapest villa in Rasananda in the low season is over 8,000 THB, Santhiya it is over 5,000 THB and at Panviman it is also over 5,000 THB. These places offer luxury but at a high price.

For old Thailand hands they are frankly not worth it. The villas and rooms at the resorts are all close together, and the prices for food and drink are outrageous compared to the real cost in the shops.

Private Villa Hire

The solution is private villa hire. Recently Sunrise Villa was completed. It is located in the hills behind Thongtapan Resort, about 800 meters from the beach. The villa is 2 storey. The upstairs has a master bedroom with floor to ceiling windows and en-suite bathroom with hot water.
Downstairs there are 2 more en-suite double bedrooms with air-con. There is also a fully fitted kitchen, a comfortable lounge with access to a large balcony. From the balcony and the master bedroom an amazing view of the Thong Nai Pan bay area and the surrounding jungle can be enjoyed. You can see several varieties of eagle and other birds of prey gliding in the thermals while sitting on the balcony furniture. 

Sunrise Villa is set in over 1,000 sq meters of garden that features a number of beautiful tropical plants. It also has banana, coconut and cashew trees. You can also pick wild pineapples. It is a tropical paradise setting removed from the noise of the beach.

Best Part

The best part of Sunrise Villa is the rental price: outside of the Christmas and New Year period it is a bargain 5,000 THB a night. The rent can be shared by 3 couples making the price per person only 833 THB ($27). That is cheaper than Thongtapan Resort!

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