Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Thong Nai Pan Trials and Tribulations

Life is a beach when you are living on a beach. However, there is no escaping your own flawed self. I can’t help having my smile dented by small irritations and minor gripes. Staying in Thong Nai Pan has produced 14 little bête noire that I could think name quickly.
  1. The ATM machine eating your card. It seems no matter how many times you tell your bank that you are travelling to Thailand they will take your card. You then have to phone the buggers at your own expense and somehow get another card.
  2. Having to go on a visa run. It takes you off the beach. It costs money; you have to get up early; and I always get car sick on the winding roads to Burma. Anyway what is the point of going to Burma for 5 minutes to get a visa renewed? A visa run often means the added expense of getting a hotel in Surat Thani.
  3. Eating a large piece of chili, and then going through a fiery torture much to the amusement of those you are eating with.
  4. Scratching a mosquito bite so much that it starts bleeding and then goes septic meaning a trip to the pharmacy or even the hospital.
  5. Having a power cut on a Saturday night when you are watching your team play.
  6. Being disappointed when you order Western food.
  7. Ordering a burger and not finding brown sauce on one of the tables.
  8. Paying more at a bar because there is some tour group going through.
  9. Writing a long email and then losing your internet connection before you can send it.
  10. Getting drunk and not being able to find your flip flops when you leave a bar.
  11. Getting another puncture.
  12. Getting a big bug hit your face when riding your bike.
  13. Waking up in a sandy bed with scratches on my body and no idea how I got back to my bungalow.
  14. Finding a snake in your bungalow.

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