Friday, 19 June 2015

More Road Works

The section of the Thong Nai Pan Road from the 7-11 to past Wat Pho is being pulled up and is being replaced. You can see the biggest Yang in the centre of the picture.

At a guess they are going to replace the crumbling road all the way up the hill to Bird and Monkey Trekking/Jungle Flight where the new road finished. Work has been nicely timed to coincide with the peak summer tourist season. A bit of rain and the top piece will become unpassable.

In other road news the Bottle Beach Road improvement has started. This will make a concrete road all the way from the ferry to Sunrise Villa. It will also open up the north of the island to more tourism by day trippers. Those staying in Thong Nai Pan will have the option of sunning themselves on the stunning beach of Bottle Beach.