Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Football on the Beach

It’s the battle of the resorts. A football competition to decide the resort with the most skillful football players. Yes, the annual Thong Nai Pan Football competition was held a few weeks ago.

The level of play is never particularly high. You can watch for a long time before you witness a goal. It makes a pleasant enough spectacle when you have a cold beverage to enjoy. Part of the problem is the soft white sand – it’s great for lying on, but not an ideal football playing surface. Your feet tend to drag in the sand when you try to kick the ball.

Perhaps the Brazilian sport of playing keepy uppy volleyball with a football is a better activity for the beach.

Anyway the workers of Panviman, Santhiya, Rasananda etc. take the competition with an exemplary amount of seriousness. Both beaches take part.

In case the suspense is killing you, Buri Rasa won this year. Well done Buri Rasa. We know very little about the Buri Rasa Resort since it is not finished, but we do know the resort staff are champions.

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